Math Back to Basics

Sample Math Back to Basics Lesson Plan
(25-Steps to Math Success)

1. Multiplication Table
2. Multiplication/Dividing Basics
3. Adding/Subtracting Integers
    A. The Number Line Method
    B. Algebraic Method
4. Multiplying/Dividing Integers
5. Order of Operation (PEMDAS)
6. Prime Factorization
7. Fractions
    A. Intro to Fractions
    B. Reducing Fractions
    C. Ordering Fractions
    D. Multiplying/Dividing Fractions
    E. Adding/Subtracting Fractions
8. Decimals
    A. Decimal Places
    B. Comparing and Ordering
    C. Adding and Subtracting
    D. Word Problems
9. Percentages
10. Unit Rates
11. Ratio and Proportions
12. Perimeters and Circumference
13. Areas
14. Volumes
15. Laws of Exponents
16. Laws of Logarithms
17. Algebra Basics
    A. Rules of Algebra
    B. Words to Equations
    C. One-Step Equations
    D. Two-Step Equations
    E. Multi-Step Equations
    F. Inequalities
18. Linear Equations
19. Systems of Linear Equations
20. Functions
21. Factoring
22. Polynomial Functions
23. Radical Expressions
24. Rational Expressions
25. Conic Sections

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