“I am truly glad that I had the opportunity to learn math with Orland. Not only did he improve my studying habits, he also helped me understand difficult concepts in calculus very easily! I got a C in Calc I, but that was good considering I literally had no idea what I was doing initially and would have surely flunked. He tutored me again in Calc II the following semester. Because of Orland’s help, I competed for the highest exam grades and wound up with a solid A. Lastly, Orland left a lasting impression on me because I am currently aiming for valedictorian for my Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. I highly recommend Orland.” – ERIC K.


“I was very happy with Orland and his tutoring. I took intermediate algebra at College of the Canyons which I was failing miserably. I began my tutoring sessions midway through the Semester thinking I still wouldn’t pass. Mind you this was the last class required in order to received my two AA’s. Thanks to Orland, I passed the class and was able to graduate in June! I would absolutely recommend him. He was always kind, patient, willing to meet at my place of choosing and pretty flexible with the tutoring schedule” – JENNIFER B.


“When I called Orland, I was failing my Statistics course. He designed my tutoring session to the type of learning style to match my needs. He’s professional, patient, and personable with his tutoring strategies. He continuously helped me stay positive throughout the class. His passion for math and teaching others made a difference. He made me feel like we were in it TOGETHER, which made a difference for me. It’s because of his help and knowledge that I passed my class. Orland is my GUARDIAN ANGEL” – SYLVIA R.


“Orland is the best tutor that I have ever had! Orland stops at nothing to make sure you understand every concept. He is also very kind and a great motivator. Before Orland tutored me, I had two F’s and a D in my first three exams of my Trigonometry/Precalculus class. After 3 sessions with Orland I took my next test, and I passed with a B+ (two points away from an A)! Hiring him as a tutor was the best decision my parents and I have made” – CHIANNE A.


“Orland is the tutor you need! It is clearly seen from the get go that he has a burning passion for what he does. I barely scraped by the first semester of Calculus AB and I knew I needed help with the subject. After receiving tutoring from Orland I have seen a great improvement; coming into this year I already see that I will have a much better academic year than my previous and this is all thanks to Orland” – ZEKE R.