“My brother initially refused Geometry tutoring and was non-responsive. But, Orland boosted his confidence by teaching him how to juggle and by constantly encouraging him. Orland is a caring mentor who got my brother out of his “shell.” He now juggles anything he can get his hands on, is more confident, and looks forward to all his classes. Thank you so much for all you’ve done, Orland!” – MARYLYN M.


“Passionate about learning and teaching! Orland is dedicated to making sure that you understand the material entirely rather than just enough to pass an assignment or a class! He will commit to your success if you do as well! You will not regret his services!” – DORI V.


“I’m currently a high school junior taking AP Calculus. I truly didn’t understand the concepts until now. Derivatives … integrals… limits? Who knew what they meant? Orland did, and he solved those mysteries for me. Orland enjoys teaching, and he even explains the material better than my current math teacher. Orland is patient and makes sure you understand the concepts before he moves on to the next subject. I’ve done well with my homework and exams because of his help! Outstanding tutor!” – ANAHI R.


“Mr. Farinas is an excellent tutor. He tutored me in the past in college Algebra, which allowed me to get a perfect score in all my tests. At the moment he’s tutoring my daughter in College Algebra and my son who’s a Sophomore in high school taking Algebra 2/Trigonometry. Thanks to his knowledge and great tutoring skills, my children have improved greatly. I highly recommend him.” – LUCIA I.


“My first tutor could not teach anything beyond Algebra, so Orland took over to tutor me in my Algebra/Precalculus class. Orland “shined a flashlight” on the materials, and I was finally able to understand the concepts clearly. Hire Orland, and you will be happy you did!” – KEREN G.


“I really didn’t grasp Statistics concepts until Orland began tutoring me. His mastery of the subject is great, and he broke it down in simple, comprehensive terms. I was just hoping to pass, but with Orland’s help I got a B+ in the class. I’m currently taking an advanced Statistics course at CSUN. Since Orland taught me the basic concepts and how to study effectively, I have a B+ so far and hoping for an A. Awesome!” – RACHEL O.


“Best tutor ever!! You can trust Orland to teach you – or your child the mathematical skills they need to pass their coursework. As a UCLA Graduate /Engineer, you know you are getting the best tutoring out there. Don’t waste your time & money on subpar, unproven other tutors, just start with the best, Call Orland and see how your math skill set & scores improve dramatically.” – GINA R.


“Orland is very intuitive and professional. He can help you with your academic struggles. He is a great person, punctual, and dependable.” – DONNA C.