“I understand calculus so much better and gained more appreciation for it with Orland’s help. I’ve been more motivated since. I am about to graduate with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, and I have a great job lined up in June. Thanks Orland!” – STEPHANIE ANN R., PRESIDENT, SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS, SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY


“Orland is a good teacher. Patient and understanding. He not only works with the young, he also helps returning college students who need help to pass their math courses. If you are struggling, struggle no more … give Orland a call.” – THERESA K.


“Great tutor. Orland helped me in my electrical engineering classes at AVC. I Would definitely recommend. He is flexible with schedules and very knowledgeable. Overall good experience. Will continue to tutor with him as needed.” – JEREMY L.


“Great tutor and I was able to ace classes and understand concepts that once seemed very difficult. Orland broke them down and made them easy.” – ERIC T.


“Orland’s patience and willingness to help are awesome! I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of help!” – BIANKA L.


“We needed a capable tutor in advanced mathematics for a non-profit foundation I work for, so I recruited past or present tutors at the Antelope Valley College. The professor delivered exponentially by sending me Orland, a tutor with a math skill set and a desire to tutor that surpasses what I dared to hope for. Orland is a hit with his students and a true asset to this organization!” – JANIECE W.


“Orland Math Whiz provides excellent service to the community. Orland’s dedication to his students are second to none. Highly recommended!” – ALMA M.


“Orland is the best tutor I ever had. His style of tutoring allows me to maximize my learning, and I’ve learned a lot since he’s been tutoring me. I started out with a D in Geometry. With Orland’s help, I am on my way to an A before the semester ends. Feels awesome. Thanks, Orland!” – OMAR E.